Our Story

Pallavi completed her BE in E&T/C, PGDBA and Career Guidance Expert When she is not working, you will find her busy with a book or cooking up a storm.
Harshal is a Chartered Accountant.
When he is not crunching numbers, teaching or offering guidance, you can find him engaged in either writing or music or both.
Pallavi’s passion led to her certification in career counselling.
Harshal’s love for teaching and his students lead him to Pallavi.
They discovered that their thought processes matched at the very first meeting and Harshal shared his vision- "A place where anyone could come in and study without disturbance."
Though the area has the best of amenities ranging from malls, multiplex, sports ground, gyms, healthcare, schools, junior college and an ample number of coaching classes, there was no space for anyone to sit without distraction and interruption to study what they wanted and needed to. Harshal’s definition of studies is inclusive. It includes not only academics, but also self-growth and other activities. While coaching classes did teach theory, there was no freedom to self-monitor and manage one’s own goals.



We believe that every person needs motivation at every stage of their life. Our goals are to help individuals- both kids and adults- to carve their own niche. We aim to help our learners to not just be aware of their abilities but also encourage them to enhance these abilities.
KC offers every type of learner a place to focus on their goals without hampering their academic progress. If you are an artist, a musician or a sportsperson, KC also ensures that you have a quiet place away from the stress and pressure to take care of your basic academic requirements.

Need space? Need silence? Need no distractions? We have you covered.

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