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KC Knowledge Centre Flexible Time-Clock

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KC Knowledge Centre Air Conditioned Room

Air-conditioned room

Mumbai gets hot and it becomes unbearable and uncomfortable, making it hard to focus on your goals. The Air-conditioned room helps you keep your cool and your focus!

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Serious work and focus makes you seriously hungry. We offer tea, coffee and dry snacks at MRP rates in our cafeteria along with maggi to take care of your hunger and minimize the hassle of rushing elsewhere. On Fridays, the treat is on us! We provide delicious snacks such as samosa or veg rolls or pattice – a little bonus cheer of encouragement if you will!

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Using the internet has become unavoidable and essential to both study and work. Whether you completing a work assignment, taking an e-lecture or prepping for a competitive exam, our Wi-Fi has got your back!

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We don’t allow cellphones inside the study area. So where do they go? You do not need to worry about the safety of your belongings as we offer lockers to store the heavy books, bags and your phone. You can study in peace (and with a light shoulder)!

Need space? Need silence? Need no distractions? We have you covered.

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